What is Constructionline

Constructionline is a Government run scheme. Each month thousands of contractors and consultants apply for work with public and private sector organisations. In order to be awarded the relevant contract, the companies and individuals applying must meet health and safety standards.

To avoid each individual contract having to assess individual suppliers health and safety competence, the Constructionline Scheme has been developed. Upon becoming Constructionline approved then duplication is reduced as all Constructionline buyers accept proof of competence.

Since 1977, Constructionline has been developed and refined by Government Health and Safety and Procurement Professionals, with the support of the Health and Safety Executive. Initially the Constructionline scheme was developed by government bodies, the Constructionline scheme is now available for use by any public and private sector Organisation as an aid when short listing Contractors, Suppliers and Consultants who apply to work for them. It provides information and assurances about the health and safety systems and competence of the Organisations who have been Constructionline assessed or accredited.

Constructionline assesses applicants on their health and safety policy statement, their organisation and how it deals with health and safety and their specific health and safety arrangements. This means that everyone will work to an acceptable standard. All members of the Constructionline scheme are stored on a database which is accessible by members only.

Constructionline and suppliers

The main reason for the creation of the Constructionline scheme is to avoid repeated applications by suppliers and contractors to become approved as local authority suppliers and also to improve health and safety in businesses.

The Constructionline assessment scheme, although mainly used by local authorities and government departments, is also available for use by any organisation looking to short list suppliers and contractors and can save time and money for all parties.

Constructionline and Buyers

The Constructionline scheme is open to both the public and private sectors. Constructionline membership extends to health trusts, councils, emergency services, the voluntary sector, housing associations, government departments and private companies.

Constructionline can be used by any organisation to locate competent suppliers and contractors. The use of Constructionline saves time and money for all parties. Constructionline afford buyers peace of mind that a competent supplier with the correct Health and Safety procedures has been selected. When selecting supplier or partner, Constructionline offers an effective short listing method.

What does Constructionline assess?

The Constructionline assessment concentrates on the health and safety management and compliance issues that apply to the work you undertake.

Listed below are the main areas that are assessed by Constructionline. Each area must be accompanied by documented evidence and examples of your company’s competence.

  • Health & Safety Arrangements
  • Safety Policy Statement
  • Work Equipment Procedures
  • Health & Safety Training
  • Employee Consultation Arrangements
  • First Aid Provision
  • Fire Emergency Procedures & Fire Risk Assessments
  • Display Screen Equipment Assessments
  • Manual Handling Assessments
  • Electrical Safety & PAT Testing
  • Risk Assessments & COSHH Assessments
  • Asbestos Awareness Training & Management
  • Health Surveillance Arrangements
  • Accident Reporting Procedures
  • Work Equipment Inspections & Maintenance
  • Personal Protective Equipment PPE
  • Access to Competent H&S & Construction Advice
  • Contractor Management & Competence Assessment
  • Workplace Safety Inspections
  • Fire Risk Assessments

The use of an expert will save you time, money and help to guarantee the chance of gaining accreditation on the first assessment.

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